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The flavours of the Canaries explained and savoured. The cooking classes focus on regional cuisine and explain the traditions on each island, updated our own way. 
The cooking classes are aimed at delving into the old recipes of Canarian gastronomy and finding those tiny details that are no longer present in traditional dishes.
Cooking can be a fun teambuilding activity. This is why we offer corporate workshops in our Cookery School.
Our teambuilding cooking classes are an original way of getting away from routine. They are targeted at companies looking for creative ways of bringing workmates together outside the office.
There is room for kids too at the Cookery School. The idea is that they learn how to make a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. A fun great way to treat your children to something completely different. 
Children will remember these classes forever. In addition, we offer bread baking, chocolate making and healthy food making courses for kids and grown-ups.
In the cooking master classes at the Cookery School in the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey, chefs unveil their best-kept culinary secrets. 
The master classes at the Cookery School are theoretical-practical lessons for people who love cooking. Students will learn how to cook like the best chefs on the islands.
The refinement of Japanese cuisine, the mix of Mexican flavours, mouth-watering Italian pasta... Learn how to prepare recipes from around the world in our Cookery School. 
Exotic, and not so exotic, recipes taste better at our Cookery School, where our chefs will reveal the secrets of dishes from around the world
A wide range of events can be held at the Cookery School. 
We can host special events to promote products, or private meals where the chef cooks in front of the guests and invites them to participate. 
In addition, the Cookery School has a tasting area for wedding parties and other celebrations. See all the benefits of planning your events at the Cookery School.
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