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The team of chefs at the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey have a clear mission: to keep alive the rich culinary tradition of the Canary Islands, adding new trends that translate into tasty recipes of authentic Canarian cuisine.

The excellent team of great cooks of the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey prepare everything that is required for a unique, unforgettable gourmand experience.

Their passion for food can be clearly seen in the Cookery School of the Mencey, where the team’s creativity and imagination reach their peak, and the essence of their delectable dishes is revealed.

IBEROSTAR makes a strong bet on gastronomy. Quality, innovation and, above all, a character of its own underlie the new IBEROSTAR Chef concept, aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction, which is the hotel chain’s chief purpose. This leads IBEROSTAR to deliver a distinctive, revisited, exquisite buffet where you can meet the chefs, make your own recipes and be part of a creative process.

To get news about this food hotel, please visit La Cocina del Mencey.

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